Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Family Fun

What does your family do when you've been stuck inside for the 3rd week of below zero temperatures? Where do you go? What do you do at home for fun? Let's share some ideas to make the end of winter easier for all of us!


Stacy said...

we are slowly loosing most of our sanity in the Lucy/Stacy household! Some of the things we do in our house to make winter more bearable are:
1. I filled a plastic shoebox with lentils, black beans, navy beans (dried) and let her cook with it. Makes a real mess but it's sort of like a sand box
2. move all the furniture to the walls and let her bounce, rollerskate, jump like crazy indoors
3. shaving cream all over the dining room table
4. freeze stuff outside to see what happens
5. go to the indoor parts of the zoo just to run
6. try to copy hip hop moves and gymnastic stunts from you tube.
7. saturday morning swim lessons

team krasean said...

Our favorite place to go is Gleason's Gymnastics in Eagan (sounds far, but it really isn't bad). They set up tons of stuff for kids to climb on and they have lots of trampolines for jumping -- a great energy release!

Laura Huff said...

We spend lots of time at the Children's Museum and various libraries. With the melt we had last week, my kids were out on the sidewalk riding their scooters through slush and ice! We also do lots of sledding and have just started ice skating. When we are really ready to loose our minds, we go to places like The Eagles Nest in New Brighton or The Blast in Eagan. Both are large indoor play places with climbing structures and slides, etc.