Friday, March 6, 2009


Cost $88.00 a week for either am or pm session. Contact the UAA office for more information and to sign up for one of our exciting camps! 612.827.1641

Please bring a lunch and/or an afternoon snack for all camps.

June 1-4th
Castle Building and a hundred other things to do with cardboard- What can you make with a giant refrigerator box? What if you had ten? In this class we will build a giant castle out of boxes, make crowns and be kings and queens, create our own unicorn to ride around the room and more. A fantasy camp designed especially for your preschooler’s imagination. 9am-12:30 Ages 3-6

Hola’. The Explorer – Yes, this is the preschool Spanish camp where you get to be Dora the explorer and Diego. We will create bug jars, binoculars, make our handmade paper and investigate the world in which we live. A perfect summer camp for the young explorer. 12:30-4 p.m. Ages 3-6

June 8-11th
Fantasy Art Camp- A world full of fairies, unicorns and dragons—a summer arts camp focusing on increasing creativity in children through the arts. We will make paper, tie-dye t shirts and more. We will focus on all the wonderful things you can build, paint and draw which live in your imagination. 9-12:30 p.m. Ages 3-6

Preschool Yoga, Dance and Art Exploration- The preschool art class that moves, twirls and bounces. In this summer camp we will explore movement through dance and yoga as well as creating art with our bodies….paint with your toes, create a musical mural and more. 12:30-4 p.m. Ages 4-6

June 15th-18th
Circus Art Camp- Build your own tin can stilts, perform tricks in the center ring and bring your pet elephant home at the end of the week. We will be clowns, acrobats and jugglers. Join us under the “big top” for summer adventure. 9-12:30 p.m., Ages 3-6

Summer Solstice Art Adventure- Fairies, gnomes and other elemental beings come to celebrate the longest days on midsummer’s eve. We will prepare for this celebration by constructing garden fairy houses, papier-mâché lanterns, fairy boats and more. Folktales, songs and dances will complete our celebration. 12:30-4 p.m., Ages 4-6

June 22-24
Outer Space Adventure- Come ride a giant rocket ship to the moon, build your own robot or alien, create some of the most exciting art in the universe. A science camp designed to build and foster your preschooler’s imagination through the arts. 9-12:30 pm. Ages 3-6

Spanish: Vivan Los Animales! A Spanish Camp especially designed for preschoolers. Children will learn Spanish while creating, art, plays, songs and puppets about their favorite animals. All classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker and offer fun multi-sensory approaches to learning. Come join the animal Fiesta! 12:30-4 pm. Ages 4-6

June 29-July 2
Play with Paint: Drip, drop, splat, and swish. How many ways are there to explore with paint? We'll turn everyday objects into paint brushes, make prints and t-shirts, and spray and splatter paint for colorful, messy fun. 9-12:30 pm. Ages 3-6

Spanish: Around the World…Al rededor del mundo: A Spanish Art Camp which travels around the world! We will explore art, music, food and games from different cultures. All classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker and offer fun multi-sensory approaches to learning. 12:30-4 pm. Ages 4-6

July 6-9
Make It! Shake It! Take It! The summer camp that makes noise!!! Each day we will take home original instruments for our one of a kind kid band. Drums, tambourines, guitars, and more. Let the music play. 9-12:30 pm. Ages 3-6

Spanish: Nuestro Mundo! A Spanish Camp specially designed for children who have little or no experience with a second language. Children will learn Spanish while creating art,singing songs, dancing and playing games. All classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker. 12:30-4:30 pm. Ages 3-6

July 13-16
City Building & Exploration- The summer camp that can only happen in the city. We will create our own city bus out of a giant cardboard box and build our own cities in this summer camp. We’ll use papier-mâché, hammers and nails, clay and glue to build a variety of interesting 3-D objects. 9-12:30 Ages 4-6

Little Hands Cooking Class – Do you love to bake bread or cook pancakes. This is the summer camp full of food and wonderful books and art about food. We will do veggie prints, make chef hats and cook stone soup. Bon Appetite, let’s eat. 12:30-4:30. Ages 4-6

July 20-23
Let’s Pretend- Puppets, masks, costumes will help us transport ourselves to faraway lands and fanciful stories. This is a summer camp to introduce children to the theatre through drama games and play. We will also create a puppet show to perform for our families on the last day. 9-12:30, Ages 3-6

Toys from Mother Nature- Mother Nature is abundant with material for art & play. This week we will create colorful kites using woven willow branches and papier-mâché. We will also felt wool into flying streamer balls and fuzzy toy animals. Join us for summer time stories, songs, games and we will fill the week full of memories. 12:30-4 pm., Ages 3-6

July 27-30
Wacky Water and Summer Fun- This is the summer camp where we can get wet! We will build sharks, be pirates sailing out to sea and mermaids. We will look at all the wonderful art you can make with water and a little bit of sun. Please bring or wear your swim suits. 9-12:30 pm., Ages 3-6

Spanish: The Jobs We Do -We will increase our Spanish vocabulary by looking at all the different jobs people do. We will be astronauts, fire fighters, veterinarians, doctors and explore each job through art and Spanish. We feature art, music and dramatic play, all while learning Spanish. 12:30-3:30 pm.

Aug 3-6
Bajo el Mar…Under the Sea- A Spanish Camp that dives into the ocean. We will explore the world of sea creatures, sunken ships and watery arts while learning new and exciting words, songs and sea creatures in Spanish. All classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker and offer fun multi-sensory approaches to learning. Veronica 9-12:30 pm.

Environmental Art Camp- Have you ever wanted to build your own nest out of twigs and clay or dye cloth with natural dyes. In this class we learn all about what it means to take care of the planet and create lots of wonderful art out of the natural world in which we live. Ages 4-6 12:30-4 pm.

Aug 10- 13
La Comida del Mundo (Food Around the World)
This is a Spanish summer camp where we will learn Spanish by cooking different kinds of food from around the world. We will increase our vocabulary through games, music, and art while feeding our tummies. 9 am-12:30 pm.

Sculpture Camp for the Young Builder- Can we build it? Yes, we can. In this class learn the basics of sculpture and build with wood, clay, paper and more. We will be builders with blocks, boxes and other fun material while learning the basics of design and sculpture. 12:30-4 pm. Ages 4-6

Aug 17-20
Spanish: Vivan Los Animales Two! All new animals. A Spanish Camp especially designed for preschoolers. Children will learn Spanish while creating, art, plays, songs and puppets about their favorite animals. All classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker and offer fun multi-sensory approaches to learning. Come join the animal Fiesta! Veronica 9-12:30 pm. Ages 4-6

Print It! Environmental Art Camp! Our world is an amazing place full of things you can print, sculpt, and explore. Create a sun print, paint a bird house, go on a bug hunt and find out what butterflies eat for breakfast. Bring out the naturalist in your child!!! Elisa 12:30-4 pm. Ages 4-6

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New fun site for kids

I just found a new fun site for kids called Zooborns. It's all about the newest baby animals born at zoos around the world. I put a link to the site on the right sidebar of this blog.

Here is also a link:
Check it out!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Stacy has won our first blog giveaway! Stacy won $20 off of tuition. Thank you everyone who shared ideas and comments. Please leave comments and ideas of fun things you do with your family whenever you visit our blog. We love to have new ideas of what to do with our families!