Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Preschool Camps

We've had a busy and fun summer at the Urban Arts Preschool. Here are some highlights from our June Summer camps.

Under the Sea
In Under the Sea Preschool Camp we swam to the depth of the ocean to learn about the animals that live there. We made fish prints, Atlantis Sculptures , and a giant whale that swallowed us whole! On our last day we became pirates, made treasure chests, and went for a treasure hunt for jewels. At our closing Pirate Party we made floating boats and enjoyed a watermelon treat.

Nuestro Mundo
In Nuestro Mundo Preschool Camp we traveled around the world to explore the art and culture of Ecuadore, Peru, and Mexico. We learned to cook tortillas, sang Spanish songs, and created Maracas to accompany our music. The week ended with a big Pinata Party in the courtyard!

Outer Space
The preschoolers had a blast with Outer Space Art Camp. We made alienships, rocket kites, and a kid-sized spaceship to the moon! We became aliens, read about sheep in space, and celebrated our week with a Rocket Party!

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